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Gemini Lost Trade; Torrent Download ((EXCLUSIVE)) [serial Number]

Farm (1) on Nintendo Switch and Mobile Winter 2019(No english version yet)Let Koei Tecmo know you want an English verion on Twitter and Facebook!Monster Rancher Metropolis WebsiteThe Monster Rancher Metropolis forum is archived here (read-only) after Lisa Shock passed away. The back-end is lost, so it no longer functions as an active forum, but the content of the forum messages are preserved. Our Forums and Chatroom have been replaced with common Social Media platforms (Facebook & Discord).In Memory of Lisa ShockA Tribute For Lisa - My sentiments and Lisa's official obituary. Thanks to Ashley and Nash on Facebook for pointing me in the direction of a 'copy' of the MRM web page files (Sans database). I have included a backup of the site, which was taken from 2014, and hosted it on as the Archive. While MRM is now an archive and cannot be posted to any longer, you may use Facebook or Discord to talk with a community of ranchers! Please consider a one-time, or yearly donation to help with the site's domain and hosting costs. Learn how your donations will be used. Thank you to ALL the loyal fans and participants over the years, without you all Legendcup and MRM would never have been what it was. Site UpdatesJanuary 2023 Updates 1/22/23: The entire MRM Archive has finally been fully converted from the old HTML files. Due to the volume of pages and bulk find/replace, it's possible there are some broken links. 1/10/23: Alchius' Hard Mode 1.0 data added to MR2 Errantry & Tech list, and MR2 Battle Calculator All 2022 updatesDecember 2022 Updates 12/24/22: MR2 Battle Calculator for seeing how attacks will hit, if you can survive one. 12/17/22: UKMR Tournament/Opponent Kaiju have been added to the UKMR Calendar of Events 12/16/22: Site banner re-design and some new friends to randomly appear in the corner November 2022 Updates 11/21/22: Minor corrections to Fusion Calculator with special unlock conditions, Monster data tables, and Keyword/Song lists 11/17/22: Added Heals/Absorbs/Self-Damage to the UKMR Tech Charts, in addition to the Buff/Debuffs. 11/16/22: Minor edits/Clarifications for UKMR Unlock parameters for several monsters, Updated OCT Adventure map to include Ace-Killer energy absorbing crystal as an obstacle. 10/20 - 11/15/22: Most UKMR pages are finally slowing down with updates and being finalized. 11/11/22: MR4 guides update/Sync of ADC*Ken's with new data-mined information. October 2022 Updates 10/20/22: BIG LAUNCH OF UKMR -- Will have to catch up on site updates. Many pages will have constant updates over the next few weeks. 10/5/22: UKMR "CDDB" Pages created each for Japan, Southeast Asia, North/South America versions of the game. 10/5/22: Preservation of ADC*Ken's GameFAQs MR4 guide transcribed to LegendCup. September 2022 Updates 9/28/22: Added drill summaries for MR3 raising methods for each locale. 9/23/22: Ultra Kaiju Monster Rancher Public CD List & Database is now "Live". Test entries will be cleaned prior to UKMR Go-Live. 9/20/22: Added placeholder pages for UKMR for several categories and prepared Site indexing for Google Search/Analytics. 9/14/22: Minor revisions to MR1 & 2 Expedition maps for Money Routes. 9/11/22: Added All Opponent tournament, and errantry monster stats to the MR2 Calendar.9/7/22: Updated Japanese Combining Calculator with Suggest Parents/Baby options.9/6/22: Updated Combining Calculator updates (Suggest Parents/Baby) to include other versions of the game.August 2022 Updates 8/25/22: Minor update for Japanese language pages and links to them.8/9/22: MR2 Combining Calculator major update: now includes "Suggesting Parents" for baby, or suggesting a baby that matches already raised parent(s)!8/3/22: Added Paradoxine and Troron to the MR2 Training Planner, and included the lifespan adjustment for using the drugs.July 2022 Updates 7/31/22: Revised MR1 Feeding and Work schedules. Previous schedules listed spent slightly more money than was necessary.7/27/22: Added URL parameters for many pages with single drop-down selections so you can link directly to that drop-down selection in the future or to others.7/12/22: Bug fixes in the combination calculator where some selections weren't showing up in the drop-downs.7/12/22: MR1 Tech List updated with numeric values for the Letter value counterparts.7/12/22: Changed Table Headers for MR1&2DX CD List to align with the dropdown box colors, and added "Enemy Monster" alert to the MR2DX CD List. 7/8/22: Added Money Routes to Hartville MR1 expeditions inside the Legend.7/8/22: Added Money Routes to Torles and Kawrea MR2 expeditions inside the Legend.7/7/22: Added Japanese CD List for MF2DX CDDBJune 2022 Updates 6/29/22: MR2 Maps page revision for layout and consolidation of data for searchable locations.6/21/22: Added Japanese CD List for MF1DX CDDB.6/20/22: MR1DX CDDB Title/Artist was updated to generate all exact stat monsters.6/19/22: Fixed some inconsistencies in the MR1DX CDDB6/18/22: Fixed calculations in Training Planner, Updates to MR1 Monster Data, Updates to MR2 Maps, Several corrections made in the MR1&DX monster data stat gains6/16/22: Updates to MR1 Item list. Removed the Japanese monsters from the English monster list since we now have the DX list to see them.6/8/22: Training Planner application added to MR2/DX tools! Plug in items, drills, rest, errantry and see your stress/fatigue values!6/6/22: Corrected DX item info for Artemis Sculpture, Added a few extra item's sell prices on items page, Added the 3 different spellings of Telomeann in the game to items page.6/5/22: Added a MR2(+DX) Training Schedule Planner application to test out training methods and other events while training.6/1/22: Added additional H.A.D. No-Rest Method for MR2DXMay 2022 Updates 5/16/22: MR2+DX Money Making strategies revamped with Early, Mid, and Late game strategies and explanations.5/15/22: Lots of minor updates over the last week (clarification, spelling etc.)5/1/22: Created a DX Online Name checker to help find names that will be censored when uploaded for VS play.April 2022 Updates 4/27/22: Replaced Magic (recolored) and Armadragon (renamed from Jihad) screenshots in the DX CDDB4/22/22: Added 2 missing techs from Henger MR3 tech list4/21/22: Removed as many "Back To Top" links as I could find. Replaced with a site-wide "TOP" arrow that appears after scrolling down on the page.4/20/22: UPDATE to MR3 Attributes thanks to Lexi!4/20/22: Added random "announcement" rotation for multiple announcement banners at the top.4/20/22: Recreated the Game Saves page, and Expedition/Maps pages for MR1, MR2, MR3 and included new styles.4/18/22: Monster Rancher DS Encyclopedia book entries added4/13/22: MRM Site file modifications to include a full title for each game section, and 3rd party Search "Free Find" re-indexing so future searches include the Game Titles in the search result links instead of just MRM.4/7/22: Completed reformatting the MR2 unlock guide in a numbered/step format, from the original paragraph format.4/6/22: Completed reformatting the MR1 unlock guide in a numbered/step format, from the original paragraph format.March 2022 Updates 3/31/22: Added Stat Gains and Guts values for Monster Rancher 3 Book/Encyclopedia3/28/22: Updates to MR3 Tech List details, minor site visual updates in the Navigation menu (rounded corners)3/27/22: MR3 Tech List data page added.3/24/22: MR1 Techs page now has color styling to indicate POW (yellow) and INT (green) based techs.3/23/22: Added new pages for MR3's Accessories and Monster Attributes.3/12/22: Minor verbiage corrections for clarification on differences between MR2 and MR2DX regarding combining and Disc Chips for nature. Items page also revised for Gali/Joker chips.3/10/22: Translated more MR1 data from the MR1 Japanese wiki for additions/corrections to MR1 FAQs.3/6/22: MR1 Combination Calculator now has full year calendar with highlighted dates indicated for target baby results.February 2022 Updates 2/23/22: Added mundane items to MR2 item list. Added simplified table for Stress values for scolds/deny/broken promises.2/21/22: Monster Rancher Advance 2 maps and page created to revise some of the old 2003 text maps.2/14/22: More MR1 data added to raising methods for Holly's warnings, and Tournament lifespan hits.2/10/22: MR1 Combination calculator updated with additional information/tables for Baby Breed determinations.January 2022 Updates 1/27/22: MR1&2 Calenders with links to Monster unlocks, now links to their respective monster on the unlock page.1/27/22: Minor changes to MR2/DX raising methods (Mostly styles/rearrangements, and some clarifications)1/26/22: MR2/DX Tech List Instructions translated for Japanese players.1/25/22: Minor corrections to MR1/DX raising methods, and MR1 & 2 Unlock aesthetic changes.1/24/22: MR2DX CD List monsters have had the SPD bug gains replaced with Normal gains (KT fixed the bug)1/23/22: MR2/DX Tech List translated for Japanese players.1/22/22: MR1&2 Unlock Guides now have links directly to each monster unlock.1/21/22: Added DX specific monsters to Combination Calculator1/20/22: MR2 Raising Tips given a small makeover/re-arrangement to better categorize raising tips outside of Feeding/Drill schedules.1/19/22: MR2 Raising Tips revisions/clarifications for DX specific scenarios.1/14/22: Added MR1 Calendar/Schedule of Annual Events, includes new info not on previous calenders!1/13/22: Minor updates to MR2 Tech page from SmilingFaces96 tech data mining1/13/22: MR1 Maps page has some layout revisions and clarifications for unlocks.1/6/22: Added Sell values of many items that weren't previously listed (Silver, Gold, Platina, Gemini Pot, Artemis Statue, Hero/Heel Badge etc.)1/6/22: MR1 & MR1DX Consolidated tech list is now available.1/5/22: MR2/DX Disc Chip images captured. All chips on the MR2 Items page. Expedition page has chips filtered for only chips found on a given expedition. All 2021 updates December 2021 Updates 12/30/21: MR1DX CDDB list is completed. Submissions closed and filtered list is updated on the page.12/30/21: MR2 maps updated with higher resolutions and match style of MR1 maps.12/24/21: MR1 Combination Calculator plus manual tables for reference. 12/23/21: MR1 Items breakdown.OMG! MR1&2DX Released this month. SO MANY UPDATES! Most updates pertain to adjustments in DX versions of the game across various pages, a few minor bug fixes to MR2 errantry calculator, and working on datamining the 664,909 CD List entries in the DX CDDB. November 2021 Updates 11/25/21: Updated MR1 and MR2 Monster Data pages to also include links to the MRDX CDDB list11/24/21: Updated MR1 raising tips11/8/21: Fixed some bugs in the DX database that didn't allow for some special characters on submit.11/1/21: MR1 & 2 DX CD List and Database is up for public testing until the 12/9/21 Go live date.October 2021 Updates 10/3/21: Fixed broken link for .PS2 game save for 222 encyclopedia for MR3.10/3/21: Fixed MF2 Switch port Combination Calculator issue when using disk chips, which differs from MR2 combining. September 2021 Updates 9/19/21: Months in the making, MR2 tech errantry calculator & tech list is live.9/16/21: Fixed mobile bug for sticky navigation on MRM nav menu. Navigation should stick to top of screen again.9/7/21: MR1 Make-A-Monster: Doodle/Doodle is an option now9/6/21: Added CD/Song list pages in preparation for MRDX 1 & 2 August 2021 Updates 8/12/21: Combination Calculator for MR2 was translated by Teawch into Japanese as Google Translate breaks the app's functions.8/8/21: MR1 Monster Data page layout modified to load up All of 1 Main breed at a time for faster page response. 8/8/21: MR3 Encyclopedia page updated with drop down selection display and replaces mouse-overs, images are displayed in-page/autoscale to viewport 8/7/21: MR4 Encyclopedia page updated with drop down selection display and replaces mouse-overs, images are displayed in-page/autoscale to viewport. 8/6/21: MRBCII PSX card page updated with drop down selection display and replaces mouse-overs, images are displayed in-page/autoscale to viewport. 8/4/21: MR5/MREVO page updated with with drop down selection display and replaces mouse-overs, images are displayed in-page/autoscale to viewport. 8/3/21: MR5/MREVO higher resolution images completed and page update with animated main breed per breed section. 8/1/21: MR2 Monster Data page layout modified to load up All of 1 Main breed at a time for faster page response. July 2021 Updates 7/26/21: Techs & Battle Specials page was getting cluttered. These are split into 2 separate pages now. 7/26/21: MRM back end update. Changes for include files implemented for easier management of the archive. 7/22/21: Monster Rancher 4 Images update! 3x larger resolution than original + Animated main breed flair. 7/19/21: MR1 encyclopedia now has Main breed animated thumbnails for each breed's section! 7/18/21: MR2 encyclopedia now has Main breed animated thumbnails for each breed's section! 7/18/21: Cleaned up MR1, MR2, MR3 encyclopedia pages. Gave some style to mouse-over images. 7/17/21: Monster Rancher 3 Images update. 3x larger resolution than original, plus new Main breed animated thumbnails for each breed's section! 7/17/21: Make-A-Monster MR2 now has .zip file download options for emulators as well. 7/11/21: Make-A-Monster MR2 now has .zip file download options for all monsters NTSC/PAL. They are pre-generated so stat customization isn't an option 7/8/21: Updated MR1 map images and included better breakout details for obstacle requirements and items to find. June 2021 Updates 6/15/21:n Began conversion of the game's Book/Encyclopedia/3D images from JPG/PNG to .webp format to reduce bandwidth and speed up page load times. 6/14/21: Added a page for Monster Rancher (1) Book/Card pictures + other Monster Data 6/4/21: Updated site navigation with a single link for the Monster Rancher pictures. The menu was growing too large for mobile devices. 6/1/21: Updated information about the Kalaragi bug in MR3 and how to identify which game version you have. May 2021 Updates 5/30/21: Combination Calculator for MR2 now contains Cocooned options for parents, as well as combination data for Hard Mode mods. 5/27/21: Updated MR2 raising tips. Mostly formatting updates and internal page navigation. some clarifications made as well. 5/21/21: Converted MRM's MR2 calendar to LC's FAQ so that it can be linked from without modifying the archive files 5/18/21: Updated MR1, MR2, MR3 pictures with slightly better resolution based from original files. 5/15/21: Added new research pages on the FAQ for MR2 converted from their original Word formats. 5/15/21: Revised the Raising Tips / No-Rest method to include additional options. 5/12/21: Make-A-Monster .ccd files now have version=5 as default (was version=3) to match the version of CloneCD linked in the Laboratory.5/11/21: Combination Calculator now has a field for Techs so you can gauge how many starting techs a baby monster will have.5/2/21: Added several "Cheap" raising methods for MR2 from 200 to 310g per month (when compared to No-Rest which is 1,300g per month) April 2021 Updates 04/20/21: Added Cheat codes for MR2 page. Converted from MRM and included some updates (Breeder/Monster name change info) 04/18/21: Fixed Mouse-Over image display issue for MR Evo pictures page. 04/17/21: Lisa's Immortal Golem MR1 gamesaves appeared to have been corrupted. I was able to recover the files with MemCardRex, and re-save them in .GME format and they appear to be working again. 04/09/21: Consolidated/Simplified info for MR2 No-Rest raising method, the info is the same. 04/06/21: Updated many of the image heavy pages to include lazy image loading for faster page load and performance. 04/06/21: Updated MR2 Monster Data page to include any Monster FARM 2 differences (Stat gains, guts, move speed etc.) March 2021 Updates 03/24/21: Updated MR2 Tech Chart & Battle Specials with ChroniusNightmare's updates. 03/21/21: Added a MR2 Combination Calculator Web Application, by Teawch!

Gemini Lost Trade; Torrent Download [serial Number]


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