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22. Scamps

The first game started really brightly with Mini scamps quicklyracing into a 2 nil lead. Mini colts took a while to get going but whenthey did the game was very even. Goals from Riley(3) and Bobby sawmini colts narrowly win the first match 4-3. Good performances fromOscar, Jayden,Ollie, Tamir and Rudy in this match.

22. Scamps

Albie was a dribbling machine constantly picking the ball up andrunning at the mini scamps back line . Tireless running from Tamir andRudy who played in both matches meant that all the kids had a good runout . Both teams shook hands after the game before going to the parentsand spectators on the sidelines to receive a big well deserved round ofapplause. 041b061a72

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