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Lily Evans

In the films, Lily gave Slughorn a present, probably as a token of her respect and love for him as her teacher: a bowl of water, on which a petal from a lily floated, and as the petal sank, it transformed into a fish, just before it reached the bottom. He named the fish Francis. When Francis suddenly disappeared one day, Slughorn realised that Lily had died. Her death haunted him for many years. Her son Harry used Slughorn's sympathy and grief for his mother's death to his advantage while under the effects of Felix Felicis, persuading Slughorn to give him the true memory of Tom Riddle's inquiry about Horcruxes, by encouraging him to be as brave as his mother was and claimed that it would undo whatever great wrong he had done.

lily evans

The given name Lily comes from the name of the flower, which is a symbol of purity. The flowers continue to be representative of purity and love in Europe. Specifically, the lily is often associated with the Blessed Virgin Mary; one type of the flower is known as the Madonna lily. Greek mythology also links lilies to the Muses and to the goddess Hera. In China, lily means "forever in love" and were thought to be capable of averting evil. 041b061a72

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