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May we all find happiness, peace and freedom from fear. May we be totally freed from all possibility of being reborn in the lower realms! May we cultivate wholesome, meritorious, positive states and abide compassionate for the welfare of all beings, without exception!

In this epic, there is a mentioning about a bridge, which was built between Rameshwaram (India) and Srilankan coast under the supervision of a dynamic and invincible figure called Rama who is supposed to be the incarnation of the supreme.

Many men ,many idea,but these are all creation of mind.Events that happend or to happen are not by mind but by Energy,that is a constant neither be created nor be destroyed, that is He Who enhanced the Energy to be active.Mind is not enough to realize Him.

This bridge proves that the incidences and places persons including Lord Ram & ma Sita hanumanji etc are true and real characters and not just tales. There was conspiracy done during earlier UPA govt. to break the Ramsetu so that the clear proof of existence of Bhagwan Ram and true story of Ramayana/ Ramcharitmanas may be proved fake. Which despite all efforts they failed . The equipments imported and used to break the bridge called deep in the sea and the Russian Engineer who was deputed for this task got his legs broken. We should Indian govt. should develop this bridge as it is very much religious and it would also develop as tourist spot. This bridge as I think is single of its kind in the world.

is it true Indian govt did that its a shame. why the hell they want to erase that holy place. well if somebody know who did that shameful work then aware media and everyone. cuz of these holly spots our generation believes in lord and respect our culture more else we all believe its just a myth. recently nat geo found ghatothgaj skeletal that is really amazing his skeletal is 18 feet long.

Hare Rama Hare Krsna. Prabhuji, from what I heard once on TV on this subject, after Vibhishan was made the king of lanka, he feared that in future it will be easy for enemies to attack Lanka because of the sethu,therefore Lord Rama asked Laxman to sink it by his arrow,and Laxman did it. Prabhuji, this is a matter of belief in The Lord who can do anything.If you see around in nature you will find many wonderful things happening systematically and these are all for the happiness and comfort of living beings.So Please believe in The Lord and Love,Love,Love him and everyone. Hare Rama Hare Krsna Prabhuji

Nasa used to state they are connected to the reality with their pictures which are most of the times compound paints made from a serial of photographs taken from a aeroplane.Therefore it is illusory to have certitude about a vedic fact by a so called scientific demonstration. If we rely on NASA we can so believe that men went to the moon.It is not very reliable to compare sastras with the so called science. We may be severely cheated even if we find sometimes some concordance between both.Concerning Sri Lanka , there is not yet a certitude that it is the Lanka of the past. See the demonstration of Shyamasundar Prabhu about its location.

moon landing is really a fake. there is a hidden planet rahu which the astronomers landed and not the real moon. it is not possible to reach moon byany human. Only religiously pious people only can reach moon after their departure.

you head will definitely acke because you think wrong. Seetha was kidnapped and taken by ravan through his pupakaviman which he forcibly took from his brother really some of the vananras like neel nala ad hanuman ca fly but not te entire army. hence the bridge was built by nal and neel with the help of smudra raja who blessed them

Dear friends,Jesus has come to the world to make us aware of God that being with us.The God is not beyond horizon or behind the clouds.It is among us , realise the facts have better life today,now at this moment.Paul.

i trust more than 100% y because a simple logic is there if u knows how the earth is begin with combination of water and soil???????if u having answer for these question then just go to the comments about way between rameswaram to srilanka ok,i trust god more than my self now a days u having more facilities that can be created by god only.lakhs of queries are araises when we talk about the god.

Ramayana is not a story, it is really happened before some years. Somebody telling this was happened before 17,00,000 years. Ramayana took place in Thretha Yuga. It is important to know the details of yuga years. As per my knowledge i give some information about all yuga years.

I am a Agnostic and I came to this belief after studying every religion. But I believe the Hindu epics of the Ramayan and Marabaratha are classics in which all societies could learn from. Hinduism is the oldest of all the major religions. All cultures built on the knowledge of other cultures. We all came from Africa and established religion and order in India which spread to Ancient Greece and onward to Europe and Asia. Jesus learned about religion in India this is a proven fact and Jesus is buried in Kashmir, Pakistan. The oldest bible does not mention a word of a resurrection. If there is a God He has not said a word all religion is man made and we need to start a new religion for the 21st century to stop the Fascist take over of Christianity and Islam.

Lord Hanumanji is real. He is said to be living amongst us. His grace and Divinity could be realised thru Sankat Mochan or Hanuman chalisa. Chant the Hanuman Chalisa daily and see for yourselves the power behind it. Your personal experience is the best proof.

The real science that the western world is missing is the science of the soul. They try to explain that everything occurs as a result of chance. They try to say that there is no intelligent control behind anything. That is all happened by chance. This is a very childish explanation, not an explanation at all. It means they are completely ignorant.

The real God is one, the enlightened ones, speak of Him in several ways, God is divine, the supreme protector and graceful sentient, the Universal soul. They call Him Indra, the Almighty, the universal friend [mitra]. Varuna the most acceptable and obliterator of sins, they describe Him as [agnim] the supreme guide of the Universe, Yaman the controller of the Universe, and {matarishvanam] the life of all lives.

To all the people on this site, I think you have failed to realize the importance of this finding. Instead, of debating useless point of views about regilion and science. Maybe, you should consider that a bridge that is almost 2 million years old is linked to human history. A human myth states it in their text, and where all other history states that we only have been in this world for a 100,000 years this would make that false. There is really no doubt that this is a man-made bridge, a natural bridge this long would be like the one connecting North and South America together. There is a plain design to the bridge that suggest, a creator other than nature. What, you really should be talking about is that if they do find the hard evidence that this is a creation of humanity. How will that effect our society? Personally, all religions are crunches to the weak, their meaning lost in the vanity that I am better than you are. No religion is immuned to this vanity, so all religion are failures. Yet, all religion basically says the same thing, be a good person and do good. In that all religions are wonderful. I just wanted to point that out to Jason and Saurabh. This should be a debate about the bridge and weather it is natural or man-made. And, if the latter, what will that mean to the human race.

The NASA images discover ancient Bridge between India and SriLanka. the NASA was declared the bridge was 17,50,000 years ago, but not built here in between India and Srilanka. the bridge is Rama built. evidence is correct but not proof the bridge in that place.I have been Reaearch in the Valmiki Ramayana.

look here people jai sri rama and krishana is the same person but juat diffrent from and names so ravan did not bulid the bridge he had powers he could have fly with animal he take site wit something similar like a charriot that fly in the air u guys really need some one to tell u the real story of sri rama and wen ram wanted to find sita he also bulid that bridge because of hunuman if u know bout hunuman story u will understand he was gieven a curse by a sage plz loook and humana as a child and u will surely understand

Is this wat u hav been taught in your religion? be a gud christian first..then,u wont b such a barbarian critic towards time tested philosophies..god is not something to b provd..but to b experiencd..christ walkd on water..there is nothing more unscientific than tat in d whole world of religions..but,a deep study of hinduism can teach u tat, by yogic powers, wat christ did was possible! Dont think tat logic & reasoning is the ultimate measure of truth..reality is beyond all tat..may god bless u with knowledge..

Its great to see the pictures released by NASA. I am thankful to them its a best example who did not beleive god. In world so many scientists are there prove them what is it really ? We are discovered many things what about this ?I really saw this place when i am in ayaapa swamy diksha at that time i saw that RAMA STONES that GREAT to watch there weight is like ordinary stone but when it is leaving in to water it is floating. It is really mindblowing to see that types of incidents in my life.

This is yet another example of Hindus trying to prove scientifically that their foolish religion is legitimate. But what is really happening is that the primitive, uneducated Indian people cannot understand how science works so they assume everything is the result of their gods and magic and demons.

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