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The Tornado Of Mania Has Passed ##VERIFIED##

The terms "mania" and "manic episode" describe a state of mind characterized by high energy, excitement, and euphoria over a sustained period of time. It's an extreme change in mood and cognition that can interfere with school, work, or home life. Mania is also the main feature of bipolar disorder. "Mania is the linchpin; you can't have a diagnosis of bipolar disorder without mania," Ken Duckworth, MD, CMO of NAMI, tells Health. Also, realize that early manic episodes can be "seductive," says Dr. Duckworth. "Some people prefer it because they feel that they're more open, funnier, and interesting. The experience can be reinforcing in the beginning," he says. However, mania can also lead to extreme agitation or irritability, which ultimately won't feel good. The article covers what you need to know about mania, including all the signs, what a manic episode feels like, how it's linked to bipolar disorder, and how it can be treated.

The tornado of mania has passed

My Thai husband is manic bipolar and has come through a gradual to full blown mania over a period of months which I had no idea what was happening but eventually he was hospitalized and is now on medication a second kind. I find him unbearable to live with. He sleep most of the time, does nothing and it is like I do not exist. It is so difficult as we live in Thailand so will travel to Bangkok again next month in hope of getting his medication right. This all cost me money I do not have which causes me more stress. I am ready to leave him with his family.

The fiberglass horses will be auctioned off on Dec. 10, the one-year anniversary of the tornado outbreak that ravaged large portions of western Kentucky. Proceeds from the sales will benefit ongoing relief efforts.

Artist Lennon Michalski said: "This was a great chance to give back to a community. As you know, artists typically don't have the funding to just donate cash, so I was able to donate talents to locations that were hit by the tornadoes."

In the next area he'll find another Life Wedge and a chest containing another Melon in it. He then must ride the helivator up to a high mine cart track and use another one to get to another mine cart track that's even higher. He then must go up a platform to reach up to the highest platform. If he wants, he can go to the left and open the Melon Door at the far west platform to get the "M" (while crossing another mine cart track). He then must continue to the right to find a mysterious tile on the platform he's standing on. If Pac-Man gets too close to it, it will turn into a brief statue and then turn into a tornado that can hurt Pac-Man (this enemy is referred to as an Ankh). He then must continue on a platform to find another Apple Door and then must cross the platform to take three B-Doings to a high platform. If he wants, he can break the chest containing an Apple and go back to the other Apple Door to to find a switch that makes Pac-Dots and a Chrome Ball appear. After he cleans this up, he must take the same path again but this time continue to the right and hit a switch to make a Helivator appear (there's a treasure chest that contains a life wedge at the far left). After crossing the first helivator, he must ride a second helivator.

A storm will develop, intensify and lift northward from the southern Plains to the Great Lakes over the next two days. The weather hazards of most concern today are severe thunderstorms with damaging winds, isolated large hail and tornadoes and heavy rain with possible flooding in the Lower Mississippi Valley and Mid South. Then on Thursday, a zone of heavy snow may fall in Iowa and Wisconsin. Read More >

Tornadoes occur more frequently and aremore intense in the Great Plains than in anyother region on earth. Plains geography, withfringing mountain ranges running predominantlynorth to south, allows cold dry air fromthe north to collide with warm moist tropicalair from the south. The jet stream, which seasonallymigrates south across the Great Plains,is another essential ingredient in the creationof tornadoes. The highest frequency of tornadoesis in central Oklahoma, but incidenceis also high in a zone from northeast Texasthrough Kansas to eastern Nebraska and Iowa.This region is commonly known as "tornadoalley." The tornado season for North Americapeaks in May; however, there is considerablegeographic variation in the timing of peak occurrence.For example, tornadoes in Texasand Oklahoma peak in April, in Nebraska inJune, and in the Southern Prairie Provinces inlate July and early August.

Tornadoes develop on the backside of particularlystrong thunderstorms and hang downfrom the cloud as if the thunderstorm had atail. These tornado-producing thunderstormscan occur singly or in a line known as a squallline, which often produces multiple tornadoes.Great Plains tornadoes commonly occur inlate afternoon, when surface temperatures arethe highest, providing the daily maximum upliftto the moist air near the ground. Mosttornadoes move from the southwest towardthe northeast; however, they may travel in anydirection, and in some rare instances they remainstationary or reverse direction.

Tornado data have been collected only sincethe early 1950s. Since that time the data indicatethat there has been an increasing trend intornadoes in the Great Plains. However, thisincrease has been observed only in the weakF0 and F1 tornadoes; there has been no increasein the number of days with tornadoes.Scientists have concluded that almost all of theapparent increase is due to enhanced publicawareness and better reporting methods duringthe last few decades.

When bipolar disorder presents with mixed episodes, they are states that are familiar to most people with bipolar disorder and include depression, mania, and a milder form of mania known as hypomania. Not everyone with bipolar I disorder will experience depression.

However, people with mixed features experience mania and depression at the same time. This increases the risk of extreme behavior and means that the symptoms are generally more severe and longer-lasting than those in people who do not experience mixed episodes.

When your disability decides to transform into a tornado and tear through your safety net, how do you bounce back?Sometimes this tornado can be physically seen by others. Other times, it manifests as verbal warfare within the mind. In my case, having Bipolar Disorder is mostly invisible. The times it shows up physically though, it's like a storm goes on non-stop for weeks. When those weeks are over, it is clean-up time but...Where do I begin? Have I done a well enough job at putting speed bumps on my road?Did I utilize my toolbox to the best of my ability? Mental health is a tricky one. We all experience the good and the bad days. People with Bipolar Disorder experience very intense mood changes. In my case, it took over three weeks to recover from a depressive episode. My room got messy. I missed some days of work. Eating became difficult. Sleeping was the only time I felt okay. I tried to explain the chaos and the pain to the people around me but it felt like I was speaking a foreign language. Regardless of the support and the love my safety net tried to provide, I felt alone and misunderstood. If this feeling feels familiar to you, let me assure you that you are not alone. Let me also assure you that there is hope. Being misunderstood can be alleviated with proper education. After making it through the most recent depressive episodes, I learned a few things about myself.1. I am resilient beyond comprehension. Having a disability can make someone feel otherwise but the fact that we can rise above its definition and stigmas is to be admired.2. Happiness can be conserved within my mind and heart. Holding on to the excitement, hope, and love can help carry the weight during dark times. 3. Patience truly is a virtue. Cleaning up the tornado's mess allows your resilient spirit to shine through. The key to cleaning up the mess is patience.If you feel alone, please remember that you are not alone. Somebody does care even if that somebody is you. Making it through each day one foot at a time can be just enough to remind yourself that brighter days are ahead, even if they are just existing in your consciousness or dreams for the time being. A doodle by Paige Masson of a woman in a blue dress with a pink belt and yellow hair with thoughts shaped like flowers flowing from the top of her head. On one side of her is "Mania," colored in yellow and reflecting sunshine tornadoes. On the other side, blue for "Depression" with black tornadoes and blue background. Always split in half by the two emotions."

10. You make your final exit through a tornado of glitter every night. What is it like to walk through?I feel like it reconnects me to my mortality every single night. Not just my mortality, my eternity. Imagining where you go every night after you die has set me free in a lot of ways.

On the 20th of April, 1836, the act of congress was passed establishing the Territorial Government of Wisconsin. Severed from Michigan, it embraced all its present territory, with that of Minnesota and Iowa, and a portion of Nebraska and Dakota. There were then six counties in the territory---- Milwaukee, Brown, Dubuque, Iowa, Des Moines and Crawford.

Under proclamation of Henry Dodge, Governor, the first election of members of the house of representatives and council of the Territory was held on the 2nd Monday of October, 1836. Gilbert Knapp and Alanson Sweet were elected from Milwaukee county to this, the first council in the organized Territory. The election of Captain Knapp was, as we shall hereafter see, signalized by demonstrations of satisfaction which must have surpassed all modern political jubilees.

By an act of the Legislature, passed January 2nd, 1838, the three original towns in the present territory of Racine county were established, and their limits prescribed, namely: Racine, with polls of election established at the hotel of John M. Myers, in the village of Racine; Mount Pleasant, with the polls of election at the house of George F. Robinson, and Rochester, with the polls of election established at the house of Stebbins & Duncan, in the village of Rochester, and also at Moses Smith's in Burlington. 350c69d7ab

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