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Twenty years ago, before the start of the series, Shiki was the first prisoner to escape from the great prison Impel Down, by cutting off his own shackled legs and later replaced them using his own personal swords as prosthetic limbs. Magellan (as a Vice Warden at that time) was seen reporting to his superior about his escape. Shiki's incident hurt the prison's pride along with Magellan's.

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It Takes Two comes from the developers behind the equally superb A Way Out, one of the best co-op games on the last generation of consoles. Just like its predecessor featured an escape from a prison, It Takes Two boasts an escape from real life and a trip into a fantastical world that will leave you beaming.

Similar to Fused Zamasu, Hearts is a self-righteous and arrogant individual, with a self-serving and all-consuming goal. He believes that the multiverse can only truly be free once the gods, including the Omni-Kings are killed. His defeat at Gogeta's hands shows a more benevolent view of this, as he ultimately reveals that he wanted to free mortal kind from the burden of divine superiority, such as the Omni-Kings erasing on a whim, showing his appreciation and love for mortal kind. This love for mortals and hatred of gods extended to his accomplice Fused Zamasu, who Hearts promptly (and happily) eliminated once he no longer had a need for him. He even extended an offer to Gogeta to take the Omni-Kings down together, showing he was willing to not only disregard divine allies but team up with enemies to achieve his goal (ironically, Gogeta was using a divine form at the time).

Eight years later, Zemo was broken out of prison by Barnes, to aid him and Sam Wilson in tracking down the Flag Smashers. Zemo agreed, as he intended to put an end to super soldiers for good. Zemo took Wilson and Barnes across Madripoor, where Zemo then met and killed Wilfred Nagel, the creator of the new serum. When Zemo found all of the Flag Smashers in Latvia, he destroyed all but one of their remaining serum vials. Zemo was then involved in the clash between John Walker and the Dora Milaje, as they both intended to take him into custody, during which Zemo quietly escaped. Zemo had visited the Sokovian Memorial, where he made amends with Barnes, before being handed to the Dora Milaje to continue his sentence within the Raft. Once Zemo remained in the Raft, Oeznik assassinated the three remaining Flag Smashers.

After arriving in Carcases the Woolfwood splits off from the others and encounters his teacher Chapel the Evergreen and it is revealed that Woolfwood was hired by Knives to bring Vash to him and is warned of an incoming battle, later Woolfwood questions his decision to kill Zazie contemplating his life's history with violence and starting to come to grips with it believing in alternatives to killing while breaking down and crying being comforted by Milly, the next day Wolfwood apologizes to Vash over the fallout as does Vash but the moment is broken up by a gunshot from the sniper Caine the Longshot with the two hiding out in a nearby saloon and making plans to take on Chapel and Caine with Wolfwood deciding to take on his former mentor and Vash going after the sniper, but not before Nicholas asking Vash what his real name is with him replying that it is "irrelevant" with the two of them reconciling and giving the other a smile before going off to battle. After a brief scuffle Nicholas defeats Chapel and decides to embrace his comrade's morals and not kill him walking away, but after his back is turned Chapel, under the control of Legato, raises his Punisher with Wolfwood doing the same and gunshots are fired but only from Chapels gun fatally wounding Nicholas who once again consoles Vash for not being able to prevent Caine's suicide and informs him of Knives' location to which Vash questions but he is already gone leaving a blood trail to a nearby church and after a brief few words of regret over his life actions Wolfwood passes away and is later found by Vash who retrieves his Punisher gun and buries him, later informing the girls of his passing. The next day, Vash goes off on his own to mourn privately crying at the loss of his best friend, he would later honor him by using his Cross Punisher in his final battle against Knives with the gun ultimately securing Vash's victory.

  • Real Life This article details the biological reason why science can not create a super soldier like Captain America in real life.

  • On the flipside, in December 2019, VICE News obtained a Pentagon report (found here) that expressed a desire to achieve this through cybernetic enhancement.

  • Although the typical fictional super-soldier is superhuman in ability, there are several real life instances that do emulate the spirit of being superior warriors: If certain Scottish newspapers are to be believed, Joseph Stalin once commissioned Soviet biologist Ilya Ivanovich Ivanov to create a breed of half-gorillas to serve in his army. It didn't work out.note The experiment in question happened to regard a scientist attempting to breed humans and chimpanzees as a means of disproving God and ultimately the superiority of Communism. The "commission" came at a time when Stalin was throwing grants at any request that included the word "science" in it, and when he found out about it, promptly pulled the funding. This later became exaggerated by tabloids into the super soldier rumor

  • Certain units of the military of various nations around the world could qualify for the trope due to their intensive selection and training, especially compared to your average draftee. (For a sufficiently conservative value of 'super', anyway.)

  • Skeletons of English archers during the Hundred Years War period have overdeveloped bone structures in their upper body to support the huge muscles needed to draw an English longbow of the period. In fact, until the invention of repeating firearms, the longbow itself was a far deadlier weapon, with a much better rate of fire, than muskets. However, it took ten years of practice to develop the muscles needed to draw one, whilst a man can be trained to proficiency with a musket in a week.

  • The Pheidole group of ants can unlock a a bigger version of their soldier caste, which are literally referred to as super soldiers.. Scientists have even created super soldiers in species that don't naturally manifest them, which may or may not lead to a Bug War.

  • The (now abandoned) DARPA Metabolic Dominance program played about with this. DARPA started seeding some stuff aimed towards being able to boost human metabolic efficiency by a lot. If it had panned out, you'd supposedly be go at a full sprint basically forever without feeling out of breath (though it wouldn't stop your muscles from getting sore), go for a week or more with little to no sleep, and greatly diminishes pain.

  • A recent report for the Greenwall Foundation discussed the possibility of "Enhanced warfighters".

  • Apparently, Russia and China have just started attempts at enhancing their soldiers.

  • Those Wacky Nazis did this with their infantrymen and pilots in a fairly crude manner: by feeding them Pervitin-brand amphetamine pills so that they could fight longer and harder and not think about what they were doing. Soldiers often referred to them as "tank chocolate" and "pilot's salt"note It had to be made into chocolate to mask the harsh bitter taste of meth.. Given the well-known properties of amphetamines, many German soldiers wound up with crippling addictions and health problems even before the fighting had stopped, causing Nazi health official Leonardo Conti to try (and fail) to limit use of Pervitin in the armed forces. The Allies also briefly experimented with the drug, but stopped quickly once its side effects became apparent.

  • Knights, Samurai, and other elite warrior castes throughout history are a fairly mundane version. Belonging to the noble classes, these warriors would be trained in combat from childhood, armed with the best equipment available, and fight as elite soldiers backed up by drafted peasants and semi-professional militias and levies. Because of a healthier lifestyle (nobles got more food), training and equipment they would be individually stronger and more expensive per man, but a levy led by a few knights required a lot less centralization, time and money than an equivalent force of full-time professional soldiers. Advances in combat strategy, weapons technology and societies becoming more centralized led to this version becoming a Discredited Trope in terms of real-life battles.

  • The Stargate Project was an attempt by the Defense Intelligence Agency launched in 1978 to determine if remote viewing was real, and if so, if it could be used for espionage. The goal was to train super-spies who could gather intelligence on America's foes from thousands of miles away. Ultimately, it didn't work, with most of the data gathered dismissed as either too vague or irrelevant to be useful or flat-out inaccurate, and the project was terminated and declassified in 1995. The book The Men Who Stare at Goats (later adapted into a film) describes the project in detail, and the idea behind it, often in conjunction with elements of Project MKUltra, has since been used in numerous stories about psychic soldiers and spies.

Abeloth also existed in the beyond shadows, a realm that seemed to be a copy of Abeloth and the Ones' homeworld and which Force-sensitives could access by separating their minds from their bodies. Sinkhole Station would come to be inhabited by Mind Walkers, Force-sensitive beings she influenced with her powers. Desperate for contact with anyone, Abeloth would reach out to any Force-sensitives who entered the Maw (as the prison seemed to trap her powers within) and instill her overwhelming desire for companionship in them. These individuals would be inexplicably drawn to the Maw, where they would find Sinkhole Station and ascend to beyond shadows. Abeloth fed off the Mind Walkers' life essences, absorbing their strength. Some time prior to 44 ABY, the former Jedi Knight Callista Ming came across Abeloth, who consumed and killed her.[3] 041b061a72

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