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Aiden Sanders
Aiden Sanders

Where To Buy Scotch And Soda Clothing

GD: My personal style is very casual. I'm a real blue jeans, shorts, T-shirt, and sandals kind of guy. If it's above 50F, you can always find me in shorts. It's just what I'm comfortable in. In the colder months, it's denim, Redwing boots, and heavy sweaters. Love layers, and a real woodsy outdoor look. On the odd occasion where I have to dress more formally... I always opt for bow ties... real bow ties. Seersucker and saddle oxfords in summer, and velvet with suede lace-ups in the winter. Suspenders.... all year around. If I were to describe my personal style in a few words, I'd honestly call it bohemian chic and elegantly shabby. Grooming is so important. It's what really separates a gentleman from a just a dude. A good grooming regimen can also take off several years from appearance. And who doesn't want that? I have a heavy thick beard, which requires a ton of maintenance.....oils, balms, waxes, special combs, special shampoo... and time. Not to mention frequent trips to the barber for trimmings and shaping. A well kept beard is always noticed and remarked on. A healthy skin regimen is also part of my routine, and so important the older one gets, as the skin dries out and loses its elasticity. From cleansers, to moisturizers, to nutritional masks, I do it all. And drink a lot of water, all day long. I like seeing more men's grooming products in clothing stores, which is happening now, particularly with the trend of beards and facial hair. They go hand in hand, and should be sold together. It is the one-stop shopping.

where to buy scotch and soda clothing

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