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Blade is the simple, yet powerful templating engine that is included with Laravel. Unlike some PHP templating engines, Blade does not restrict you from using plain PHP code in your templates. In fact, all Blade templates are compiled into plain PHP code and cached until they are modified, meaning Blade adds essentially zero overhead to your application. Blade template files use the .blade.php file extension and are typically stored in the resources/views directory.


Similar to inline components, anonymous components provide a mechanism for managing a component via a single file. However, anonymous components utilize a single view file and have no associated class. To define an anonymous component, you only need to place a Blade template within your resources/views/components directory. For example, assuming you have defined a component at resources/views/components/alert.blade.php, you may simply render it like so:

You may use the . character to indicate if a component is nested deeper inside the components directory. For example, assuming the component is defined at resources/views/components/inputs/button.blade.php, you may render it like so:

Thankfully, Blade allows you to place an index.blade.php file within a component's template directory. When an index.blade.php template exists for the component, it will be rendered as the "root" node of the component. So, we can continue to use the same Blade syntax given in the example above; however, we will adjust our directory structure like so:

When component paths are registered without a specified prefix as in the example above, they may be rendered in your Blade components without a corresponding prefix as well. For example, if a panel.blade.php component exists in the path registered above, it may be rendered like so:

In 2019 Los Angeles, former police officer Rick Deckard is detained by Officer Gaff, who likes to make origami figures, and is brought to his former supervisor, Bryant. Deckard, whose job as a "blade runner" was to track down bioengineered humanoids known as replicants and terminally "retire" them, is informed that four replicants are on Earth illegally. Deckard begins to leave, but Bryant ambiguously threatens him and Deckard stays. The two watch a video of a blade runner named Holden administering the Voight-Kampff test, which is designed to distinguish replicants from humans based on their emotional responses to questions. The test subject, Leon, shoots Holden on the second question. Bryant wants Deckard to retire Leon and three other Nexus-6 replicants: Roy Batty, Zhora, and Pris.

The Voight-Kampff machine is a fictional interrogation tool, originating from the novel (where it is spelled "Voigt-Kampff"). The Voight-Kampff is a polygraph-like machine used by blade runners to determine whether an individual is a replicant. It measures bodily functions such as respiration, blush response, heart rate and eye movement in response to questions dealing with empathy.[63]

We've worked hard to increase the accessibility and safety of axe throwing, teaching blind, deaf and differently-abled guests how to nail the bullseye! Email us at if you have any questions.

Malenia will shorten her blade (indicated by a ping sound) then rush the player, do three quick attacks in succession, followed by a final horizontal attack that can be delayed. This attack can end up quickly healing her along with devastating the player's health. This attack can also occur on its own, in the middle of a combo, or to end a combo (usually indicated by her delaying the final sweep). Can be parried.

Washington knifemaker Webb Hammond creates flint knapped knives that are true museum quality. This stunning display combines a sled runner artifact with Webb's expertly knapped custom knife. This knife was kept in a private collection since it was made. It is in brand new condition and by all appearances, Webb could have made it yesterday. The white flint blade is hand knapped to a sharp edge. Webb used a traditional technique to hold the blade in place - black pitch. The handle ancient walrus ivory that is between 6000 and 9000 years old. Deep colors have leached into the ivory from surrounding soil over the centuries.The knife is accompanied by a presentation stand. During the early to mid 1800s, Yupic Eskimos used ancient walrus ivory for a wide range of tools including fire starters, fishing weights, halibut hooks, and sled runners. A section of artifact Yupic sled runner is set on a wood base. Mounting holes and general shape from its former purpose as a sled runner are intact.Exceptional work throughout!

The Wa-kamisori, Japanese straight razor, is a perfect example of the Japanese aesthetic. This razor was produced in the workshop of bladesmith Shigeyoshi Iwasaki (b. 1933), in cooperation with his apprentice Ryoichi Mizuochi. Shigeyoshi-san is the son of renowned metallurgist and sword researcher, Hiroshi Iwasaki, who is well respected as a leading authority on traditional forging techniques. Shigeyoshi Iwasaki is considered by many to be the greatest straight razor maker of all time. His work is quite simply beyond compare.Made of the finest carbon steel and fire-forged with Rentetsu iron (wrought iron), the blade is polished with natural sharpening stones. The blade bear's Iwasake's mark on the back of the blade.These razors are a source of great pleasure for collectors and users alike. Delivered in a beautiful kiri-wood case.

This set has everything you need to properly take care of your knives.Ceramic rods provide the best touch up possible between sharpening. By removing very little material, the blade is honed to a razor edge. Fine ceramic rods will hone a knife to the most optimal edge. However, if a considerable time has passed since honing or sharpening, a coarse rod is often required. Generally, a ceramic rod should be approximately the length of the longest knife that you will be honing. This set comes with a 12 inch fine ceramic rod.Over time, ceramic rods build up metal particles that clog the abrasive surface. The Superaser cleans the surface of all ceramic rods so that they will continue to hone just like they did when they were new. 041b061a72

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