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Fast And Furious Showdown [CRACKED]

It's easy to look at the name, Fast and Furious: Showdown, and leap to conclusions that it'll be a lazy, phoned-in movie tie-in that represents the lowest common denominator of gaming. Of course we shouldn't make such assumptions, as a game based around a series of over-the-top car action movies surely has the potential to be awesome because, well, driving cars fast and smashing things is terrific fun when developed properly. However, if you assumed a cheap, rubbish game when you saw the title, you will have successfully judged it by its cover; just don't make a habit of it.

Fast and Furious Showdown

Mission-specific trophyDo not let the towed car (Viper SRT8) take a single hit of damage in the Chapter 5 - Buenos Aires Transport mission to obtain this trophy.It's better for you to drive, because the AI is stupid and will drive through light poles. Drive fast but carefully and watch out for traffic.Here's a video to help you outMods used: Double Health - Double Acceleration - Double Armor

Mission-specific trophyYou have to flip a car twice without it touching the ground in Chapter 10 - Moscow Flip Car Battle mission to obtain this trophy.Really easy trophy, just drive as fast as you can against upcoming cars and keep spamming the button to blow up steam to force the cars to flip. You'll get this trophy as soon as you flip a car twice in the air (you don't have to complete the entire mission for it to pop).Here's a video to help you outMods used: Double Health - Top Speed - Double Acceleration

Note: It will not count as a used if you fail in a challenge, e.g. playing in survival challenge and get your self killed/captured before reaching the end of the line/time. Sure you can get a gold medal in the challenge but it will still not count as a used car.That's why it's better to play a "Speed Check" challenge, since it's easier/faster to complete.

Fast and Furious: Showdown is a racing game based on the movie series Fast and the Furious. Crazy racing, cool tricks and lots of fun will not be missing in this game. The game will offer some exciting game modes, fast cars and their upgrades, team multiplayer for two players and a decent arcade action, which offers the ability to control the vehicle and the shooter and where your main task will be to get through the 31 crazy missions.

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