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Jacob Wilson
Jacob Wilson

Head In The Clouds: Part 2 720p

Using 65Mbps and 100Mbps fibre connections they experience issues with the graphics, frame rate and with input lag despite high internet speeds. Games were also tested in docked mode which has higher performance results. Games on the service were downgraded and compressed to 720p from the original 1080p before they were streamed to the console. This may or may not be an issue for players depending on how particular they are about graphics.

Head In The Clouds: Part 2 720p

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Thank you for the simple way you explain the requirements. I having doing live streams on Facebook with a Samsung tablet A. I started out using mobile data got spot from a cell phone. I am not aware of the uploaded speed that they offer but there was not much is sure there apart from the using up of the monthly location.We have since installed a fibre network which provides 20down 5up. I am not sure if the 5up is stable however I have started to try adding youtube to the live stream to capture more audience.To do this I have tested out retreat io and Larix Broadcaster however I have noted that I have been having buffering isuures.I am told that FB requires 4mbs and youtube 6mbs and it is best to only stream to one. And I see that with 5mbs offered by the network the bandwith will not give the head room.My interest is setting the bitrates to match the network. In larix the audio bitrate is set at 128kps and video at 2500kps keyframe 2 with a 10881088 resolution.With these settings what adjustment would you recommend? 350c69d7ab

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